• Maximum tenor: Four years
  • Acceptable tecurity: As per bank policy
  • Minimum amount: KWD 500,000
  • Interest payable: Periodically throughout the life of the loan
  • Principal payment schedule: Negotiable with client in keeping with bank policy
  • Competitively priced margins: Above CBK rate
  • To be used for commercials, trading of investment purposes

  • Medium to long term financing offered to support investment, construction, trading and other commercial ventures prevalent in Kuwait’s economy.
  • Private banking partners with high net worth entrepreneurs in order to facilitate their growth potential and underwrites their business ventures.
  • Maximum tenor: one Years
  • Minimum amount: KWD 500,000
  • Acceptable security: As per bank policy
  • Periodic interest payment
  • Outstanding principal payable at maturity

  • Competitive market pricing
  • Short term financing provided to sustain client’s cash flow requirements and provide a stand-by facility enabling our clients to take advantage of timely opportunities.
  • Maximum Tenor: Four Years
  • Minimum Amount: KWD 500,000
  • Acceptable Security: As per Bank policy
  • Interest Payable: Periodically throughout the life of the loan
  • Principal Paid as balloon payment at maturity
  • To be used for commercials, trading of Investment purposes

  • Short to medium term financing facility offered to business partners to bolster their investment, real estate and other commercial and or trading enterprises.
  • Normally granted to individuals with the capacity to extinguish their debt in a lump sum payment