With Burgan Online you will be able to save your time by completing your banking transactions from your home, office or anywhere in the world anytime you want

Our Burgan Online provide you with:

  • ​Ease in Access
  • Simplicity in Use​
  • Security & Reliability
  • ​Rich Functionality
  • Personalized Service


  • Check your accounts Balances
  • Inquire about your loans including details and transaction history
  • View statements for Accounts, Time Deposits, Credit cards and Prepaid cards
  • Personal Finance Manager (PFM)
  • Open new accounts or Time deposits online in KD or other foreign currencies
  • Transfer funds within Burgan Bank accounts
  • Transfer funds locally and internationally
  • View transactions
  • y Service
  • Draw funds from your Credit Card to your other accounts
  • Credit Cards Payment for your own & other Burgan Card
  • Reload Prepaid Cards
  • Bills Payment – (Zain, Ooredoo, Viva, iTune Cards, Prepaid vouchers and other facilities)
  • View your Letter of Credit and Guarantees (LC/LG)
  • Salary/ Bdinar payments upload
  • Initiate Standing Order instructions
  • Request a new cheque book
  • ​Cancel cheque book Request
  • View your IBAN number online
  • Obtain foreign exchange rates
  • Report lost / stolen cards (ATM and Credit Cards)


  • Active Account, ATM Card and PIN number. Your Contact details (Mobile, Service Provider & email) must be updated with the bank before registration process.


Now, online registration got easier. All you need to do is to follow these steps.

To register as a new user:

  • Click on “New User Registration”
    • Enter your ID/Security ID/ Civil ID
    • Enter your debit card number
    • Enter the debit card PIN number
    • Enter the Captcha code
  • Create a new user ID & Password
    • Enter the User ID you want (3 Characters to 15)
    • Enter the Login Password
    • Confirm the Login Password
      Note: Password should be:
      • ‒ Minimum 8 characters long
      • ‒ Must contain at least one special character and one numeric character
      • ‒ Letters and numbers used in user's password cannot be repeated more than twice in a row (e.g.: 111, 222, a, AAA123 will not be accepted)
      • ‒ Password must consist of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers
      • ‒ Password cannot be similar to User ID
      • ‒ Password is case sensitive
  • Select Security Seal Combination (Security Image and Phrase)
  • Select 5 security questions and answers
    • Select 5 distinct questions and answers
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed
  • Verify the details:
    • Verify the details entered (Customer ID, User ID, Card number, Security Questions & Answers, Security Image and Phrase)
    • Enter OTP received
  • Message will appear that your registration to BurganOnline is successful

How to Add Transfers or Change My Limit?

Newly registered users will automatically have the Silver Role which includes Transfer and Default Daily limit is based on segment (Individual Retail Banking customer: 4,000 KD, Premier customer: 10,000 KD, Private Banking customer: 15,000 KD).

If you wish to change your profile or increase your limit, you can either visit the Branch to fill the required form available in the Upgrade Profile form available under Download Applications and send it to the nearest Branch or contact our Phone Banking on 1804080.


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