​​​​​​​Dear Valued Customers,

At Burgan Bank we strive to provide superior banking services that are catered toward your needs, and guarantee your maximum satisfaction, therefore your comments, remarks & complaints are very valuable to us.

To ensure smooth flow of communication between us, and as per the Central Bank of Kuwait instructions we have established a Client Complaint and Protection Unit functioning effectively since July, 2011. ​
ReadSpeaker Listen Complaint form is available in all bank's branches and you can send it through Client Complaint and Protection Unit email Click Here

Steps and procedures to present the complaint using the specified form:

​1- Fill the complaint form and then present the complaint according to the following:

a. Come in person to any of the bank’s branches or the Client Complaint and Protection Unit at the bank’s head office, 14th floor, Burgan Tower, Abdullah Al Ahmed Street, Kuwait City.​

b. P​​resent the complaint through the bank’s website via email.

c. ​ Postal mail on the following address: Client Complaint and Protection Unit, P.O Bo​x 5389,Safat 12170, State of Kuwait​.

2- The Bank will study the complaint as per the approved work mechanism for hand​ling client complaints.

3- The Bank will reply to the complaint in writing within 15 business days from the date of presenting the complaint and deliver it to the client in person or by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

​ In the event of not being able to remove the cause of the complaint, our esteemed clients may present a complaint to the Clients Protection Unit at the Central Bank of Kuwait.​

To view ​the steps of filing a complaint regarding a CBK regulated entity click here​ .