AGM disclosure 20-06-2017

Burgan Equity Fund disclosure 01-06-2017

Burgan Equity Fund Disclosure 30-04-2017

Dividends distribution 18-04-2017

BEF disclosure 10-04-2017
License to Practice Securities Activities 09-04-2017

Cash dividends 03-04-2017

BEF disclosure 02-04-2017

51st Annual General Assembly Meeting and 32nd Extra-ordinary General Assembly Meeting Disclosure 15-03-2017

Nomination of Legal Counsil disclosure 14-03-2017

Burgan Equity Fund Disclosure 06-03-2017

Burgan Financial Fund invitation to attend general assembly on (27/03/2017 ) 01-03-2017

CBK Approval to buy back or sell 10% of BB share 16-02-2016

Annual Financial Statements for the year ended (31/12/2016) 16-02-2017

Credit Rating Disclosure 12-02-2017

Hackers disclosure 09-02-2017

Mr Raed Al Haq Haq Disclosure 30-01-2017

BEF disclosure 25-1-2017 

BEF disclosure 09-01-2017 

BEF monthly report Dec 2016 ( 29-12-2016 ) 

BEF AGM Disclosure 18-12-2016

News about Al Argan 14-12-2016

BEF AGM Disclosure 11-12-2016  

Unusual trading disclosure 11-12-2016

BEF Monthly Report Nov 2016 ( 30-11-2016)

Burgan Bank Q3 Financial statements 2016

Burgan Equity Fund 27-10-2016

Capital intelligence rating disclosure 27-10-2016

Americana Deal disclosure 24-10-2016

Fitch Rating Disclosure 20-10-2016 

5-10-2016 Burgan Equity Fund

18-9-2016 successful closure of a 5 year, USD 500 million bond issuance under its Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programme

CBK approval to sell or buy 10% of Burgan Bank shares 31-08-2016

unusual Trading disclosure 28-06-2016 

Burgan Bank Q2 Financials 2016 - 02-08-2016

Fitch ratings disclosure 21-07-2016  

Burgan Bank establishes USD.1,500,000,000 debt issuance programme 03-07-2016

Inauguration of Burgan Financial services LTD in Dubai international financial center 29-05-2016

Board of Directors formation disclosure 11-05-2016

Standard and Poor's ratings Discloaure 10-05-2016

Burgan Bank financials Q1 2016 08-05-2016

Syndication KNPC agreement 02-05-2016

Cash Dividends Distribution 25-04-2016

Burgan Bank General assembly disclosure 21-04-2016

Moody's Rating Disclosure 07-04-2016

50th Annual General Assembly Meeting and 31st Extra-ordinary General Assembly Meeting Disclosure 5-04-2016

First meeting Burgan Bank bondholders association Disclosure 04-04-2016

First Meeting of Burgan Bank bondholders association of KD 100 mn 27-03-2016 

Burgan Bank financial year end 2015  20-03-2016

Standard and Poor's ratings Disclosure 20-03-2016

consolidated income statement  31st Dec 2015 Burgan Bank group 20-03-2016
Bond Issuance Disclosure 10-03-2016

CBK Disclosure 16-02-2016

Capital Intelligence assigns a BBB Rating to Burgan Banks forthcoming Tier 2 KWD-denominated Bond 10-2-2016

4-2-2016 BB obtained the CMA approval on the prospectus for the issuance of subordinated securities registered bonds

Moody's Rating Disclosure 20-01-2016

Al Qabas local press comments disclosure 13-01-2016
Burgan Bank sells its controling stake in Jurdan Kuwait Bank 6-01-2016 
Fitch Rating 05-01-2016

Burgan Bank sells its controlling stake in Jordan Kuwait Bank 30-12-2015
Burgan Bank closes a USD 350,000,000 2 year senior unsecured facility 27-12-2015 
Comment on press release 20-12-2015
Issuing Bonds disclosure 16-12-2015

credit rating disclosure 15-12-2015redit rating disclosure 15-12-2015

Result announcement disclosure 01-12-2015

Tender Offer Disclosure 17-11-2015

Burgan Bank Q3 Earnings 1-11-2015

Burgan Bank Capital intelligence Rating 28-10-2015

Moodys Affirming Rating BBT KSE 05-10-2015

Burgan Bank Turkey CI rating 14 09 2015

Bonds Redemption Disclosure 18-08-2015

CBK approval disclosure 12-08-2-2015

Burgan Bank Group H1 results disclosure 21-07-2015 

Standard & poor's disclosure 14-07-2015

Disclosure of nomination - the position of Group CRO 08-07-2015

Moody's Rating disclosure 2 28-06-2015

Moody's Rating Methodology Disclosure 15-06-2015

Unusual trading shares 20-5-2015

Q1 financials 04-05-2015

Mr. Mahmoud Ezzat Resignation Disclosure 20-04-2015

Bonus shares distribution disclosure 7-04-2015

Moody's Rating methodology change 02-04-2015

Cash Dividends Distribution 24-03-2015

Burgan Bank’s Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting 23-03-2015

Moody's Rating Methodology change 19-03-2015

Steven L Reece Resegnation Eng 12-3-2015

BB 30th Extraordinary General Assembly (05-03-2015) 

Letter for The Annual Meeting of BB 49th Ordinary General Assembly and BB 30th Extraordinary General Assembly for Burgan Bank’s Shareholders (05-03-2015)

Agenda of the Annual Meeting of BB 49th Ordinary General Assembly for Burgan Bank’s Shareholders (05-03-2015)

Burgan Bank 2014 Year end financials 24-2-2015 

Approval disclosure to buy back or sell 10% of shares 16/02/2015

Moody’s rating disclosure 15/01/2015

Appointment of Mr Robert Rijk- 25-12-2015

Capital Intelligence rating 17-12-2014

Capital increase allocation 7-12-2014

Capital increase allocation 7-12-2014

Completion the Capital Increase 3-12-2014

Capital increase closure of subscription_1-12-2014

27-11-2014 Capital Intelligence Rating

Capital increase CMA approval (2) 16-11-2014

Capital increase CMA approval 10-11-2014

Q3 financial results 2-11-2014

Capital increase Approval disclosure 30-10-2014

Capital increase disclosure 20-10-2014

Increase of the bank issued and paid up capital 19-10-2014

Prepetual Bonds Disclosure 2 25-9-2014

Prepetual Bonds Disclosure 24-9-2014




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