fast easy and convenient

Direct Phone banking with Burgan Bank offers you a fast, easy and convenient way to make enquires and carry out transactions over the phone, any time, anywhere. Simply call 1804080 and carry out the various banking functions by using the keypad on your phone.                                        

  • Use the self-service Interactive Voice Response menus to get information quickly in Arabic or English.
  • Speak directly to a customer service agent 24 hours a day for personal support
  • Enquire about Burgan Bank products and services, foreign exchange rates and interest rates
  • Register for mobile banking access
  • Perform the following account-related operations over the phone:
    • Balance enquiries.
    • Account statement enquiries.
    • Salary transfer enquiries.
    • Fund transfers within your own Burgan Bank accounts.
    • Utility bill payments.
    • Request a new cheque book.
    • Obtain interest rates.
    • Get the latest exchange rates.
    • Report lost or stolen cards.
    • Request replacements for cards.