dinar salary account

A labor Salary Account for corporate owners in accordance with the labor law:

For your convenience and satisfaction, Burgan Bank developed this account to provide you with the best solution that enables your employees access to their salaries once credited in their accounts in an easy and efficient way. Save time and efforts with Dinar Salary Account.                   

  • Improved service to your employees
  • No additional cost to company
  • No cost on employees
  • No charges for withdrawals
  • Swift & direct crediting of salaries
  • More ATM for your staff to use
  • Access on all Burgan ATM machines 24 hours
  • No minimum balance requirements on employee account
  • Dedicated new ATM locations at exchange houses
  • Mobile ATM service at labor camps
  • Access to over 8400 POS terminals in Kuwait

*Terms and conditions apply

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