VISA Electron Debit Card

Burgan Bank VISA electron debit Card offers you the flexibility, convenience that best meet your day-to-day needs. Instead of carrying cash, access your account money whenever you want wherever you are.

VISA electron card is an EMV Chip enabled Debit card, for your security and safety that offers Local and Worldwide acceptance.

Burgan Bank's VISA Electron Cards functions as an ATM ans Debit card. Swipe your card at over 8,400 merchant terminals locally and over 24.6 million worldwide.


  • Cash withdrawal from all K-Net ATMs in Kuwait
  • POS(Point of Sale) purchases from all K-Net networks in Kuwait
  • Worldwide Cash withdrawals from VISA/Plus ATM networks
  • Direct access to cash 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Link all your accounts to one card
  • Use your card to withdraw Kuwaiti Dinars and US Dollars
  • VISA Electron debit cards are safer than carrying cash. In case of theft or loss, cards can easily be cancelled and replaced.
  • VISA Electron debit cards enables you to take advantage of the bank's electronic channels by using your card number and its PIN

    *USD only available through local Burgan bank ATMs

How to apply ?

  • Call our Contact Center on 1804080
  • Visit any of our branches

*Terms and conditions apply
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