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Services innovatively designed to make banking, simpler. Burgan Bank…Services made convenient and simple.

Safe Deposit Boxes:
Everything has a place of its own. A drawer might be a convenient place for your monthly bills or receipts or a locker might seem like a safe place to store old files, but when it comes to more important items (A copy of your will, fine jewelry or bond certificates), you need a secure storage place that will save you from worry. Burgan Bank provides its customers with iron enforced safe boxes available in different sizes. Customers can safely keep their valuable belongings without having to worry about it.

ATM Cash Deposit Machines:
Don’t wait to deposit you cash. Burgan Bank presents the fastest cash deposit, available 24/7. The Smart Deposit Machine allows you to deposit your cash at any time, all in a fast, secure and easy manner. The smart machine accepts denominations of KD 1, 5, 10 & 20. Safe and user friendly, the machine serves in two languages, Arabic & English.