The Family Support Fund Law
A simple guide for Burgan Bank’s customers


The Family Support Fund law is a debt relief law that allows the government of Kuwait to purchase conventional banks and investment companies’ loans that have been acquired by Kuwaiti citizens before the period of March 30, 2008. The fund acts to purchase loans that are outstanding as of June 12th, 2013, and aims to wave all future interest rates, along with rescheduling payment in the form of installments across a period that does not exceed 15 years.

How does it work and who is eligible to benefit from this law?

  • Citizens who have active loans as of June 12th, 2013 and taken before March 30, 2008.
  • Only loans with conventional banks and investment companies are eligible and are subject to the Central Bank of Kuwait’s regulations. Loans with Islamic banks and investment companies are not eligible.
  • Loans that have closed due to any reason (settled, prepaid, etc…) are not eligible.

**Terms and conditions apply, and are in accordance with the law no. 104/2013 & the by-law no. 35/2013 as officially published in Kuwait’s official gazette website**

Requirements for customers to apply for the fund

  • Customers should start by applying for a liability certificate request for the Family Support Fund during normal working hours at any of Burgan Bank’s branches. Liability certificate charges of KD 5 will be applied.
  • Customers have to go to other banks and obtain their Family Fund liability certificates if they currently have eligible loans with them.
  • Application period starts from April 1st , 2014 until June 30th, 2014.
  • Only customers who are eligible as per the above rules should apply. Other applicants will not be accepted.
  • Customers must revert to their managing bank to submit their Family Support Fund application. The managing bank is any local bank that customers’ salaries, or continuous monthly income and social allowance are transferred to.
  • In the event that Burgan Bank is a managing bank, customers are required to visit their assigned branches between 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (as per the alphabetical order schedule) with a completed application form along with the required documents.
  • Customers must have all the required documents mentioned below to apply.

Documents required

  • Burgan Bank’s liability certificate for the Family Support Fund
  • Family Support Fund liability certificates from other conventional banks or investment companies if customers have eligible loans with them.
  • Family Support Fund application form. Click here to obtain a copy of the Application form.
  • Copy of the Civil ID
  • Salary continuation certificate & salary certificate
  • Proof of income other than salary (if applicable)

Application Branches to submit requests for the Family Support Fund are as per the following:

1- Al Ahmadi Governorate Fahaheel Branch
2- Al Jahra Governorate Al Jahra  Khaima Branch
3- Hawally Governorate Hawally Beirut  Branch
4- Al Farwaniya Governorate Khaitan Branch
5- Mubarak Al Kabeer Governorate Main Branch/Head Quarters
Shuweikh Industrial District

5-7 pm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- If Burgan Bank is my managing bank, when should I visit the bank’s branches to request my Family Support Fund liability certificate?
Starting from June 12, 2013, customers can visit any of our branches during normal working hours to request their respective Family Support Fund liability certificates. The bank will inform customers via SMS or email you once it has been completed to commence with the application process. Customers are also required to visit other banks to obtain their liability certificates from them (if applicable).

2- If I have an eligible loan with Burgan Bank, but my salary is transferred to another bank, where should I go to apply for the Fund? Customers need to request and collect their Burgan Bank liability certificate and present it to the bank where their salaries or social allowances are transferred to. This bank will be the managing bank for the Family Fund application.

3- How long will my application need to be checked and approved? If all documents are completed as per the requirements, and the Central Bank of Kuwait’s conditions are met, Burgan Bank will be sending customers a notification by SMS or email once the application has been approved for contractual signatures.

4- From the time I apply for the fund until my new government loan is created, should I continue paying my monthly installments? After applying for the fund, customers need to continue paying their monthly installments. The total monthly installments that are paid from June 12,2013 will be refunded as a down payment towards new government loans.

5- What will be the monthly installment and repayment period of my new family fund loan? Customers will have the option to choose their monthly installment amount and repayment period; provided it does not exceed 15 years and that the total obligations does not exceed 40% of customers’ net salary or continuous monthly income (30% for retirees).

6- Can I take a new loan if I have applied for the Family Support Fund? Yes, customers may obtain a new loan, even if they have applied for the fund. The new loan will be based on the Central Bank of Kuwait’s regulations and Burgan Bank’s internal policy

Application Form

Liability Certificate