Burgan SMS service

Burgan SMS service  is the fastest way to stay in touch with your Burgan Bank Account. You can sign up for one or more automatic alerts or simply Pull the information you need to your mobile phone. Burgan Short Messaging Service is available to you in Arabic or English.

What is Burgan SMS service?
It is a service where you can receive banking details via SMS Alerts to your registered mobile number. It provides two different types of services, the Pull Alerts and the Push Alerts.

Push Alerts
This is a service where you can choose to receive SMS alerts for select transactions as and when they occur/ on select cycles.

  • Salary Alerts
    Receive a notification when the salary is credited in the account.
  • Account Debits
    Receive a notification for every KD 10 or above debit transaction performed on the account
  • Account Credits
    Receive a notification for every KD 10 or above credit transaction performed on the account
  • Credit Card Transaction
    Receive a notification for every transaction performed on the Credit Card for KD 10 or above
  • Fixed Deposit Maturity
    Receive an alert five days prior to the Fixed Deposit maturity date
  • Cheque Clearance
    Receive a notification for cheque Inward/ Outward clearing

Pull Alerts This is a service where you can request specific details via SMS, and receive up to the minute responses for different products/services such as.

  • Account Balance
  • Amount and date of last Deposit/Credit
  • Time Deposit Maturity Date
  • Loan Outstanding Amount
  • Amount & Last Date of Installment
  • Credit Card Outstanding Balance
  • Bank Rates
How to register to the Mobile Banking?
To use this service, you need to register through any one of these channels:
  • Visit your nearest branch
  • Call Burgan Direct 1804080
  • Download the Burgan SMS service  Application click here, fill in the required details, sign the Application and forwarded to the nearest Burgan Branch

How to request Pull Alerts?
To request any of the Pull services, simply send an SMS to 1804080 with the related service code as per the table listed below.
Enquiry Type Service Codes      
Account balance
Amount and last date of deposit
Amount and last date of debit
Credit Cards
Credit Card outstanding balance
Fixed Deposit Maturity
Outstanding amount
Amount and last date of Installment
Bank Rates
Receive bank rates available

    ACB or 11
    LTC or 12
    LTD or 13

    CCB or 31
    FDD or 15

    LNB or 51
    LNP or 52

    RATE or 71

To get the list of the Pull service codes available at any time, send '?' to 1804080

What are the Benefits:

  • Available in two languages: Arabic and English for all Ooredoo , Zain and Viva subscribers.
  • Reliable, easy to operate and access through any mobile phone.
  • Allows you to connect to your account 24/7 from anywhere anytime.
  • The Burgan SMS Service is available for a small annual fee. The bank does not charge any fees on the received alerts so you can register or request as many alerts as you prefer to receive

Push Alerts will be sent on occurrence of the event but delivered to your Telecom provider between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm Kuwait time. Pull Alerts will be delivered immediately upon request.
Delivery times are controlled by the bank to avoid inconveniences but actual delivery to your handset is dependent on your Telecom provider

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